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Welcome to Lone Crow Flutes crafted by Leonard McGann.


 We are located at the foot hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Bedford, VA. I have over 10 years experience making. In this time I have challenged myself to create a wide variety of different styles of Native American Style Flutes from subbase to ultra high, pentatonic as well as diatonic, singles, drones, duet drones and triples. The list goes on. Challenges produce growth and I have enjoyed the journey and look forward to even more growth.

Using a variety of woods you can request finely finished end caps, rings, woodburning, inlayed stone, or a special totem “bird” carving to reflect a personal touch. Simple to complex, a Lone Crow Flute will add quality and consistency to your collection or help you begin a new journey to the world of the Flute.

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